Experience Kalgoorlie: Unique Things to Do and See in Western Australia’s Goldfields

May 15, 2024 | Nature & Outdoors, News, Things To Do

Kalgoorlie, nestled in Western Australia’s vast and dynamic Golden Outback, stands as a testament to the enduring allure of gold. With its rich history dating back to the late 1800s, this vibrant mining hub offers a unique blend of heritage and adventure, making it a treasure trove of attractions for those eager to explore the goldfields. From the awe-inspiring Super Pit to the intriguing tales of fortune-seekers, Kalgoorlie invites travellers to delve into experiences that are as golden as the metal itself.

This article embarks on a journey through Kalgoorlie’s unique offerings, from the depths of historic mines to the natural beauty of the goldfields. Readers will discover not just the grandeur of the Super Pit but also the vibrant culture and myriad activities that make Kalgoorlie a must-visit destination in Western Australia. Whether it’s fossicking for gold, exploring the Golden Quest Discovery Trail, or soaking in the local art and gastronomy, Kalgoorlie promises unforgettable experiences wrapped in the timeless lustre of gold.

Discover Kalgoorlie’s Grand Canyon: The Super Pit

Overview of the Mining Giant

The Super Pit, officially known as the Fimiston Open Pit, is an engineering marvel located on the southeast edge of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Stretching approximately 3.5 kilometers long, 1.5 kilometers wide, and over 600 meters deep, this massive site is visible from space and was Australia’s largest open-cut gold mine until 2016. The mine is a powerhouse of production, handling around 800,000 ounces of gold annually, which accounts for about 8% of Australia’s total gold output. The mining operations are a complex ballet of high-tech machinery and skilled labor, coordinated meticulously to ensure efficient processing of gold ore. The site is not just a hub of mining activity but also a significant contributor to the local economy, providing over 1,100 jobs and supporting local businesses.

Tour Options and Viewing the Mining Operations

Visitors to the Super Pit have the unique opportunity to witness one of the largest gold mines in operation. Tours are available that allow guests to explore the mining and milling operations from the safety of an air-conditioned Mine-Spec bus. These tours offer a close-up view of the gigantic 793 dump trucks and other heavy machinery in action. From the Harvey Hut and other internal viewing platforms, tourists can gaze over both the vast open pit and the intricate network of old miner’s workings. Tours usually run on weekdays and some weekends, providing a comprehensive commentary on the history and current workings of the mine. For those interested in photography or simply taking in the breathtaking scale of the pit, there are ample opportunities to capture stunning views of this giant man-made canyon.

Follow the Golden Quest Discovery Trail

Highlights and Key Stops Along the Trail

The Golden Quest Discovery Trail offers an immersive journey through Western Australia’s rich gold mining history, spanning 965 km from Coolgardie to Laverton. Key stops include the historic town of Coolgardie, where the gold rush began, and Menzies, near the stunning Lake Ballard with its outdoor art installation by Antony Gormley. Other must-visit locations are the ghost towns of Gwalia and Kookynie, each offering a glimpse into the past with well-preserved sites and intriguing stories.

Tips for Making the Most of the Journey

  1. Preparation is Key: Ensure your vehicle is well-prepared for the journey, with spare tyres, extra fuel, and water. The trail is suitable for 2WD vehicles, but a 4WD is recommended for comfort and safety.
  2. Timing Your Visit: Travel during the cooler months to avoid the harsh summer temperatures. Check road conditions as they can vary, especially after rain.
  3. Utilize the Guidebook: Purchase the Golden Quest Discovery Trail Guidebook, which includes detailed maps and information about each stop. This can enhance your experience by providing historical context and practical tips.
  4. Plan Your Stops: With over 25 official sites, planning which stops to visit can maximize your experience. Consider the historical significance and natural beauty when choosing your stops.
  5. Stay Overnight: To fully immerse yourself in the experience, plan for at least one overnight stay. This allows for early starts to explore the sites thoroughly and enjoy the stunning outback sunrises.
  6. Respect the Environment: As you explore, remember to respect the natural landscapes and historical sites, keeping them pristine for future visitors.

By following these tips and exploring the key stops, visitors can fully appreciate the historical and natural richness of the Golden Quest Discovery Trail.

Experience Local History and Culture

Museum Of The Goldfields

The Museum of the Goldfields is a cornerstone for those interested in the profound mining heritage of Kalgoorlie. It houses the state’s largest collection of gold bars and nuggets, offering visitors a tangible link to the past. The museum not only showcases the tools and techniques used by early prospectors but also delves into the personal stories and hardships of mining families in the early 1900s. This historical journey underscores the significant role Kalgoorlie played in Western Australia’s development, situated uniquely at the edge of the vast Nullarbor Plain.

Historic Pubs and the City’s Vibrant Past

Kalgoorlie’s history is deeply intertwined with its historic pubs, which flourished following the gold rush. At its peak, the city boasted over 97 pubs in 1911, serving as social hubs for the miners and their families. These establishments are not just places to enjoy a drink; they are cultural artefacts, each with its own story and unique character. Notable pubs like the Exchange Hotel and the Palace Hotel continue to offer a glimpse into the bustling social life of early 20th-century Kalgoorlie, making them essential stops for those looking to experience the local culture and history.

Adventure into the Wild: Fossicking for Gold

Where to Go and How to Try Your Luck

For those keen on experiencing the thrill of discovering gold, Kalgoorlie offers several prime locations known for their rich deposits. Popular spots include:

  1. Ora Banda: Just 80km from Kalgoorlie, this historic mining town provides a unique backdrop for prospecting. Visitors can explore old mining areas and possibly unearth hidden treasures.
  2. Coolgardie: About 40km from Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie is another historic site with ample prospecting opportunities. The town offers gold detecting tours that are perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike.
  3. Mount Monger: Located approximately 50km from Kalgoorlie, this area is frequented by those looking to find gold nuggets in its many mines.

Each location offers a distinct experience, promising both adventure and the possibility of finding gold.

Understanding the Rules and Necessary Permits

Prospecting in Western Australia requires adherence to specific regulations to ensure both the safety of prospectors and the preservation of the environment. Key points include:

  • Miner’s Right: A Miner’s Right is mandatory for anyone wishing to prospect in WA. This permit, costing $29.50, allows holders to search for minerals on Crown land not covered by a mining tenement.
  • Activities Allowed: With a Miner’s Right, you can prospect for minerals, fossick for rocks and gemstones, and conduct mineral tests. It also permits water collection and camping in designated prospecting areas.
  • Where to Prospect: Prospecting is permissible on Crown land, including pastoral leases, provided prior notice is given to the pastoralist. However, prospecting on national parks, nature reserves, or within town sites is prohibited.
  • Legal Requirements: Prospecting on a mining tenement requires permission from the tenement holder. Additionally, a Section 40E Permit is necessary for prospecting on land within a granted exploration licence.

For detailed information and to apply for a Miner’s Right, prospective fossickers can visit the Kalgoorlie Mining Registry or check the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety’s website.

Golfing in the Outback: Unique Courses

Kalgoorlie Golf Course and Nullarbor Links

Kalgoorlie Golf Course, designed by renowned architect Graham Marsh, offers a premier 18-hole grass golf course set in the dramatic landscape of Western Australia. The course is a striking example of desert golf, where lush green fairways meet the iconic red desert earth, creating a visually stunning contrast. This unique setting is enhanced by local flora and fauna, with each hole framed by native gum trees and the golden sand traps that are so distinctive of the region. The 8th hole, known as ‘The Super Pit’, provides unforgettable views, making it a highlight for any golfer.

What Makes Desert Golf a Must-Try Experience

Desert golf in Kalgoorlie is an exhilarating challenge that deviates from traditional golfing principles due to its unique environmental conditions. The scarcity of water dictates the design, leading to smaller grass areas and the strategic use of forced carries from tees to fairways and greens. This conservation effort creates a compelling balance between the desert landscape and the playable areas, offering a distinct golfing experience that tests both skill and strategy.

The design philosophy here allows for a variety of playing experiences, accommodating golfers of all abilities. Generous landing areas on the couch fairways lead to bent grass greens with undulating surfaces that challenge putting skills. The careful management of water resources ensures the course remains sustainable without sacrificing playability, making it not only a sporty challenge but also an environmentally conscious one.

Playing on such a course offers more than just a game; it’s an immersion into the rugged beauty of the Australian outback, surrounded by the history and culture of the goldfields. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a curious novice, the combination of unique landscape, challenging design, and striking vistas ensures a memorable golfing adventure in Kalgoorlie.

Art and Nature Intertwined

Lake Ballard’s Inside Australia Exhibit

Lake Ballard transforms into a mesmerizing canvas with the “Inside Australia” exhibit by Antony Gormley. This vast outdoor gallery, spread across 10 square kilometres, features 51 black chromium steel sculptures, each representing a resident of the nearby Menzies. The stark white salt plains provide a dramatic contrast to the dark figures, creating a surreal visual experience. Visitors are encouraged to walk amongst the sculptures, which are strategically placed 500 metres apart, allowing for an interactive journey through art and the desolate beauty of the landscape. The best times to visit are during early morning or late afternoon when the elongated shadows of the sculptures weave into the salt crust, enhancing the ethereal atmosphere.

Exploring Wildflower Trails and Nature Walks

The Goldfields region, including areas around Kalgoorlie, is renowned for its vibrant wildflower seasons, typically from July to October. The Great Western Woodlands, south of Kalgoorlie, boasts a diverse ecosystem with 20% of Australia’s plant species. Trails like the one in Tamma Parkland offer a 1.2-kilometre walk through natural bushland adorned with delicate orchids and other native flora in spring. For those venturing further, the Totadgin Dam Reserve presents a mix of granite outcrops and diverse flora, including cricket ball Hakeas and vibrant Verticordias. These trails not only provide a peaceful retreat into nature but also a chance to witness the unique biodiversity of Western Australia’s outback.

Sip and Savor: Local Breweries and Eateries

Craft Beer Culture in Boulder

Boulder, renowned for its vibrant craft beer scene, offers an array of breweries that showcase the creativity and passion of local brewmasters. From hoppy IPAs to smooth stouts, beer enthusiasts can indulge in a wide variety of styles. Each brew reflects the unique character of Boulder’s local scene, making it a must-visit for those seeking authentic craft beer experiences.

Recommended Dining Spots for Authentic Local Flavors

In addition to its beer culture, Boulder boasts a diverse culinary landscape. Whether you’re looking for a cozy gastropub, a farm-to-table restaurant, or a casual eatery, Boulder’s dining options celebrate the region’s fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Notable spots include the York Hotel, known for its award-winning pub restaurant, and Ravy Country Kitchen, offering hearty, homemade fare. For a taste of modern Australian cuisine, the Prime West Grill in Kalgoorlie provides a unique dining experience right in the heart of the Goldfields.


Exploring Kalgoorlie’s myriad attractions, from its monumental Super Pit and the history-rich Golden Quest Discovery Trail to the unique cultural and outdoor experiences it offers, invariably leaves an indelible mark on the visitor’s psyche. These experiences not only connect individuals with the rich tapestry of Western Australia’s goldfields but also immerse them in the vibrant local history, culture, and the stunning natural environment. The venture into Kalgoorlie’s past and present, underscored by tales of fortune, adventure, and innovation, reinforces the city’s significant role in shaping the region’s heritage and economic landscape. It’s an invigorating reminder of humanity’s relentless quest for progress, mirrored in the shimmering allure of gold and the community that thrives around it.

The significance of Kalgoorlie extends beyond the immediate splendours and challenges of gold mining, delving into broader implications for understanding Australia’s historical, economic, and environmental narratives. As this article concludes, the encouragement for readers is not just to view Kalgoorlie as a destination but as a pivotal chapter in Australia’s ongoing story. Further exploration or research into Kalgoorlie’s enduring legacy offers much for the curious mind—be it in historical enquiry, environmental stewardship, or simply the quest for adventure. Kalgoorlie, with its golden hues, rugged landscapes, and resilient spirit, thus stands as a testament to the enduring allure of exploration and discovery.


What makes Kalgoorlie unique?

Kalgoorlie is renowned for its significant historical role in the gold rush era, beginning with the gold discovery in 1893 by Irish prospectors Paddy Hannan, Tom Flanagan, and Daniel Shea. The city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder boasts a rich heritage, evident in its splendid turn-of-the-century architecture and numerous character buildings. It remains a vibrant hub for numerous mining and processing operations.

How can I spend a day in Kalgoorlie?

To make the most of your day in Kalgoorlie, start by climbing to the top of Mount Charlotte, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the town. Don’t miss a visit to the iconic Super Pit for an insight into modern mining operations. Exploring Hammond Park and trying your hand at gold fossicking can add to the adventure. Additionally, a visit to the Museum of the Goldfields provides a historical perspective, and rounding off your day at one of the local country pubs offers a taste of local hospitality and cuisine.

Is Kalgoorlie worth visiting?

Absolutely, Kalgoorlie is a must-visit location, especially for those interested in mining history and operations. It houses several significant mining sites, including the famous Super Pit—one of the largest open-cut gold mines in Australia, visible from space. Tours of the Super Pit provide a fascinating glimpse into the scale and operation of gold mining in the region.

What attractions are around Kalgoorlie?

Around Kalgoorlie, you can dive deep into the rich history of the Goldfields. The Museum Of The Goldfields is an excellent place to start. Nearby towns like Coolgardie and Gwalia offer superb museums that further explore the area’s mining heritage. For those keen on exploring outdoors, the Kalgoorlie Boulder Walking Trail offers a great opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

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